motion detector

Marta Beauchamp feat. Max Baraitser Smith, Robbi Meertens, Sam Baraitser Smith

In motion - from to, to from - in their own time. Alone, overlapping.
Moving bodies in the street draw motion traces.

The practice developed to contemplate movement on the street invites the observer to register motion through sounding body gestures.

The glass walls interfacing the gallery with the street function both as a visual bridge, through which to observe street dynamics, as well as a sound barrier, distinguishing the inside from the outside. By replying to viual motion with body sounds, the observer transmediates the observed motion into the gallery space.

The observational field is defined by the borders of the window frame opposite the seating position. Within this frame, the registered variables are: pedestrians, bikes, vehicles.

Each variable is mapped to a body movement: clapping, swishing the feet, humming.

The practice is guided by the use of performance score cards.

Nele Ouwens,
Lema Ahmadi,
Max Baraitser Smith